Product Design

Have an idea and want to make it a reality or improve upon an existing concept? We can help you at any point in your product's life from initial concept ideation, prototype development, production manufacturing, or value engineering of already established products. 

concept development

We can take your idea and translate it into a manufacturable concept complete with 3D models and manufacturing drawings.

Prototype development

We can develop physical prototypes for function testing or stylistic review.

Value engineering

Do you have an existing product that you are looking to increase its profitability? We can evaluate options that will enable you to make it easier, faster, and cheaper.

Mechanical Simulation

Utilizing the latest in Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software we can optimize your idea's mechanical performance in a condensed time frame with much lower cost than would be required to produce actual physical prototypes. Simulation capabilities include thermal analysis, mechanical stress and strain, fatigue life, and system dynamics. 

Thermal analysis

Simulation of a component or system to see how it is affected by heat. We can simulate heat generated by system components to evaluate heat transfer performance.

Mechanical stress and strain

Simulation of a component or system to see how it reacts to applied forces. We have extensive experience with real world load cases to ensure products are simulated with forces actually seen in use not simply calculated from a text book equation.

fatigue life

Fatigue simulation tests a component's ability to withstand repeated loading that it will see in use. Just because a component doesn't break after the application of a force does not mean it can withstand that force hundreds or thousands of times.

system dynamics

Simulation of components within a system will analyze how they move relative to each other. This can be as simple as motion of one component inside another or as complex as an entire vehicle's suspension system and its motion and function.


Don't have your own manufacturing equipment or expertise? Not a problem, we can provide solutions for machining, cutting, additive manufacturing, casting, and metal forming.

  • 3 axis and 5 axis CNC Milling
  • CNC Lathe Turning
  • 3D Printing (FDM, SLS, SLA, DMLS, Polyjet)
  • Sheet, tube, and plate cutting

Supplier Development and Project Management

Do you already have a concept that you are ready to manufacture and can't figure out where you can trust it is made by competent and trustworthy suppliers? We have a vast network of proven suppliers covering nearly any type of manufacturing you may need. Let us do the work to find you the right manufacturing partner.


supplier development

We can locate or recommend suppliers to work with for specific manufacturing needs.


project management

Need help planning a project? We can be utilized for establishing project timelines, estimating necessary resources, and interacting with vendors so you don't have to.